5+1 autumn special offer

Less is more! Due to the autumn, we have prepared an offer that allows you to get some benefits. Buy any five products and get the extra one. But there is more...


When you buy any five products, you’ll get the extra one for free. You can choose among ALL available products. However, the price of the chosen one cannot be higher than each value of the others. It’s beneficial to decide for a bigger purchase. The amount of free gifts increases in proportion to your order.


Terra Hydrogel Vit is an eco-friendly mix of fertilizers and a soil conditioner that increases the water capacity of soil. One of its ingredients is pure hydrogel and minerals essential for optimal plant growth. Thanks to these elements, plants have an access to nutrients and a proper soil moisture during the whole vegetation period. In our promotion you’ll get a right amount of this mix that you’ll need for purchased products.


Thanks to visualisation of a place with our products, you’ll estimate the level of changes beforehand. The project will be prepared on the basis of your photos and matched products. We can also advise you in choosing flowers. Their colour and type will fit your climate and urban space. The best option will be executed.